Silk Cocoons


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  • Silk Cocoons

Natural state || Un-dyed || Un-bleached 
You will receive approximately 40 in each purchase
Sizes varying due to the natural formation of the cocoon

Cocoons can be added to your fibre creation to create a delicious point of interest. Create intriguing sculptural formations within your woven works, hide them within other fibres to create a wonderful journey for the viewer.
Use them in jewellery or unravel them to create silk papers. 
Cocoons are a natural product, they may have slight discolourations and imperfections due to the natural formation. They porous so can be dyed or painted to achieve any colour you desire. Let you imagination run free with this fibre.

Customer Reviews

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Dale Botha
Silk Ribbon Rolls

So soft, so silky and so easy to work with. It has body - but falls and moves elegantly. I use it in my mixed media work and it makes such a difference.

sari silk

how beautiful and amazingly soft is this sari silk??? In love!! Thank you Brydie!

Beautiful Ribbon

This ribbon is so beautiful to use. The edges are raw but it did not fray when tied. I ordered 5 colours and they are all beautifully organic. Some of the rolls are joined with a small seam… but it worked perfectly for me, and if necessary, just disguising the seam at the back of the view. You Perfect compliment theflowerfold bouquet of paper flowers. Thank you so much

Elishia Jackson

I’m so pleased with this beautiful ribbon. True to its description and the colours are absolutely gorgeous.