Mary Maker Studio was founded in Kiama NSW, Australia by Artist Brydie Stewart, born out of her love for home interiors, rich textural mediums and the belief that Art can transform and enliven a space. Each fibre creation is carefully crafted by hand and designed with the concept of bringing energy, warmth and conversation to your space. Brydie has spent decades sourcing exquisite and bespoke materials to weave into her works as she aims to give people a full sensory experience when experiencing them, the want to reach out, to feel and connect with her works is common, and a definite must.

Brydie is a trained Educator and Coach and now finds supporting makers along on their own fibre journey is proving to be her most treasured accomplishment. Creating a signature range, Mary Maker Studio Luxe Colour Cotton was a long and exhilarating challenge, this product is now innovating the fibre world globally.  Brydie co-founded @macramemovement on Instagram and Facebook which is a global community for knotters to connect, share tips and advice, Brydie believes that community for like minded folk is everything. 

Brydie is a qualified Visual Arts educator and continues to teach a variety of techniques and skills including painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and photography to thousands of emerging artists. She loves taking people on a journey through art, creating moments and experiences through our work is just as important to her as the product. Brydie teaches numerous workshops within Australia, hoping to sprinkle a little creative magic wherever she goes. You will find Brydies work captures a little bit of soul and a whole lot of life. Art and the ability to create and connect, means everything to her.