Who is Mary Maker Studio?

Nestled in Kiama NSW, Australia, Mary Maker Studio, founded by the visionary Brydie Stewart, has become a global emblem of empowerment and innovation in the fibre community. Born from a deep love for textural mediums and a belief in the transformative power of art, the studio meticulously crafts each creation to be more than a product – it's a sensory experience designed to infuse spaces with energy, warmth, and conversation.

Today, we stand proudly alongside communities of women worldwide, ensuring our supplies, which are a testament to fair trade and ecological practices, also weave a narrative of unity and global sisterhood in the business realm. Mary Maker Studio is not just a brand; it's a movement championing sustainability, premium quality, and boasting the world’s largest supply of such unparalleled materials.

Brydie, a dedicated Visual Arts Educator and supporter of makers, has spent decades sourcing unique materials and uplifting others on their creative journeys. Our unwavering commitment to our customers, creativity, and supporting women in business is embedded in every fibre of our being. We invite you to join us, where each thread intertwines strength, innovation, and community into a vibrant journey of global impact. 

Who is Brydie Stewart:
Embarking on a journey from a dedicated 13-year career as a school teacher to the entrepreneurial world, the inception of Mary Maker Studio marked a pivotal chapter Brydies' life. Her passion for education and empowerment seamlessly transitioned into a new realm where creativity and business coalesce. However, the path illuminated a prevalent issue: the burnout experienced by women fervently building their businesses.

Recognising an imperative need, Brydie retrained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Change Technique Practitioner, intertwining her educational and entrepreneurial experiences to address this pervasive challenge. Brydie staunchly believes that we, especially as women, can indeed 'have it all.' The secret lies in breaking through mental barriers, leading with our heart, and empowering ourselves to ardently pursue what we desire. 

Brydies' mission extends beyond the tactile and aesthetic creations of the studio, delving into a deeper cause – facilitating a space where women can build, create, and thrive every aspect of their lives without the overshadowing threat of burnout. It's about crafting not just with our hands, but with our minds and hearts, ensuring that our internal tapestry is as rich and resilient as the creations that adorn our external world.

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