Macrame cord supplies for the crafters of Australia

The art of macrame is something that Brydie Stewart has revolutionised throughout Australia, and around the globe. With a desire to weave soul and texture into spaces through a voyage that utilises the best macrame cord supplies and materials, Stewart created her mark on Makers across the country for her signature macrame products. With her hands-on knowledge and findings passed down in workshops and educator sessions all over the country and online, she’s the go-to source for everything relating to the popular fibre art.

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The passion for facilitating creative exploration and beautiful art has burned throughout Brydie’s career, and inspired Mary Maker’s very own expertly designed and manufactured range of luxe macrame cord supplies throughout Australia. From natural and coloured cotton macrame cord to thick ropes, recycled silks and art yarns, the selection of superior quality materials is open for emerging and established artists to explore and purchase with confidence.

Far from the standard selection found in regular stores, these materials are a true foundation for the bespoke and flawless handmade fibre world. Brydie herself has used them to innovate and expand her creative practice; choosing particular fibres and textures that allow for maximum inspiration and creativity to flow, igniting passionate and innovative makers to create designs that breathe warmth and emotion within every touch of their handmade art.

Superlative cotton macrame cord

Artists know the joy of using exquisite materials for their work. The thrill and excitement of the potential creation is held within the fibre, and informs the designs that are shaped by it as much as the imagination from a creator.

Cotton, in it’s suppleness and natural beauty, is a staple of macrame materials. Designing and developing the most exquisite cotton macrame cord is something learned from years of practice, and a delight to share with other creatives.

The Mary Maker Studio range of cotton macrame cord is incredibly supple in movement, strong, and the very best quality that you can expect for fine artistic works. It lends itself to your imagination and exploration willingly and without hassle; facilitating the natural stream of your soulful craftsmanship with every bend.

With your choice of natural and coloured cotton varieties, plus rope within this expertly selected range, the look and feel of your work will breed the evolution of your creative genius, and open up new ideas to bring forth into the world.

A spirited macrame cord supplier in Australia

Macrame cord suppliers in Australia may be numerous, but there’s none like Mary Maker. Aside from the brilliant quality that only an experienced, sensorially-orientated creator can accept, the urge to impart a little spirit into each and every aspect of life is something that Brydie absolutely cannot resist.

It finds its way into her artistic work, her workshops, and each and every personal order from her site; which is graced by personal touches and creative flair from her flowing imagination.

This, along with fast, reliable delivery, has sparked a fluid storm of designs and imaginative works from those who have purchased from, or collaborated with Brydie to form creations of their own.

The unhindered soulful sharing of wonderful energy weaves its way into every project, and sparks the wonderful gift of creativity at its final destination.

Experience true artistry and quality for yourself when you buy macrame cord supplies from the hands of a soulful, creative arts educator.

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