Velvet Ribbon 1 Inch

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  • Velvet Ribbons

1 Inch Wide || 3meters in Length

You will fall deeply in love with this fibre. 
Wanting to add a high class, flawless textile to your fibre creations? Here it is!
They are magic.. just wait and see. 

This is a fair trade and recycled product will add interest, texture and soul to your work. Perfect for woven works, tapestries of within floristry.. you will find this soon becoming your go to luxe fibre. 

Ive been working with a small, slow hand dyer to create a signature range of tones. Be mindful that with each release colours will differ so if you need specific tones or amounts, please secure more rather than less so to avoid running short. Due to the hand torn/cut nature of this product, size can differ slightly through the length and width.


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