The Best Weaving Loom For You

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The Best Weaving Loom For You

What Weaving Loom Is Best For Me? 
Choosing The Perfect H

When beginning to weave, choosing what loom to buy may seem daunting.
I hope the information below helps you on your way, please reach out if you would help deciding what loom is perfect for you.
Here, i will focus on tapestry looms.
Tapestry looms are by far the most popular loom for modern weavers and are what most artisans teach from in their weaving workshops around the globe. They are reliable, sturdy, multi-purposeful and perfect for any skill level, from the beginner weaver right up to the advanced technician.
Let it be known.. Weaving, a looms are addictive.. but a fabulous addiction to have!
When i first started weaving in 2016 i thought that 1 loom would keep me satisfied.. boy was i wrong! I now have 7 weaving looms and i love them all for different reasons (it also means i can have more than one piece on the go- sorry hubby!)

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When choosing the perfect loom for your creative needs, it’s best to keep a few things in mind. The size you wish your finished piece to be, ease-ability, portability and most importantly, it’s construction.

Each loom has a maximum size, this is the size of your loom once assembled. Your finished weaving will be a few centimetres smaller than this on each side so ensure you factor this in when deciding what loom to buy. If you require your weave to be 25cm wide, best to look for a loom at least 30cm+ etc.
Our medium sized weaving loom is more often than not my loom of choice. It is the perfect size to create a good sized piece, it’s also the perfect size to move with you. Depending on the time of day, morning, noon or night, this loom often travels with me to ‘my place’ with ease. A great size for the table top, or on your lap when watching TV!

Weaving Loom - Medium - - Mary Maker Studio - [macrame] - [weaving] - [macrame_art] - [weaving_fibre] - [macrame_cord] - [weaving_workshops] - [weaving_supplies] - [learn-_to_weave] - [weaving_patterns]

If you decide that you would like a slightly larger loom.. this is where it can get tricky!
There are many options on the market all claiming magical things, and guess what.. they’re most probably right! A larger loom will give you a larger weave space so you can go bigger and bolder, the downside is they will understandably take up more room in your home. 

Most modern looms today come with retractable loom stands, i call them loom legs. They attach from the sides giving you added stability when working. Our Large and XXL looms both have loom legs and make for easy weaving! No more leaning uncomfortably over your workspace or propping it awkwardly against questionable surfaces. Loom legs will become your best friend. 

Weaving Loom - Medium - - Mary Maker Studio - [macrame] - [weaving] - [macrame_art] - [weaving_fibre] - [macrame_cord] - [weaving_workshops] - [weaving_techniques] - [learn-_to_weave] - [weaving_patterns]
If you’re truly lucky you will be able to purchase a weaving loom that is adjustable, adjustable looms are revolutionary for weavers as by shifting and securing the fasteners at the sides, the height of the loom can be easily dropped, or raised. By purchasing an adjustable loom, you are not locked into one set size, instead your height options are limitless which is great (even if you don’t know it now!) Another advantage is that you can tighten and/or loosen the warp threads whilst you are working. This is great if your warp is a little too loose, or tight. Your warp threads may become quite tight if you are using thick and chunky yarns, the ability to release this tension is a game changer!  

When it comes to weaving looms, they are a personal preference. Each weaver will have a favourite, or a few, but to begin with, the medium sized loom is perfect. Once you purchase a loom you won’t need to buy another. They are reusable and if you purchase one made from a good quality timber, it will last a lifetime.

Im so excited for your journey. Weaving will become a calming meditative practice for you, there is nothing more joyful than bringing your own creative representation of the world to life.
Happy making X
Weaving Loom - Medium - - Mary Maker Studio - [macrame] - [weaving] - [macrame_art] - [macrame_rope] - [weaving_fibre] - [weaving_workshops] - [tapestry_loom] - [learn-_to_weave] - [macrame_patterns]

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