Macrame Tips and Tricks - Fringing

June 23, 2020 0 Comments

Macrame Tips and Tricks - Fringing

Are you struggling to create the perfect fringe in your Macrame Wall Hanging?
I know, it isn't as easy as it seems!
Here, i've complied a list of Maker tips and tricks to help you achieve that flawless finish!

  • Materials Matter. Firstly ensure you are using a high quality, premium macrame cord. You are looking for a cord that has many many fine individual threads that are twisted together to create one strand, this will ensure you get a full fringe when brushed out.
    Our signature Luxe macrame cotton range is perfect for this, it has the highest thread count and each individual thread is extremely fine.  This cord is available in 90+ colours and a multiple of thicknesses, sur eto inspire and innovate! Some of the cheaper craft cords lack this requirement. Budget cords often have thicker individual threads and less in each strand, ultimately this creates a thick and clunky look. Choose materials to suit your intended aesthetic.

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  • It’s all in the tools.. Time to locate the perfect brush! A pet brush is what i use, the small and fine metal bristles work wonders and will save you hours! Mine is from Kmart, try your local department or pet store. This will be the best $3 you’ll ever spend!
    Now to brush,  brush, re-brush, flip, brush, brush, re-brush flip.. repeat until perfect. You may be here for a while! You may find brushing against a hard surface is best.. a wall, table.. but also using your hand for resistance fine.
  • Mist spray with water and dry flat. You can also use a clothes steamer for this. It allows the natural fibre of the cotton to expand, and as it dries it resettles where you tell it. My steamer is from Kmart again, try your local department store. They are too a great investment. 
    If you wish, add an essential oil to your water spray bottle, citrus or peppermint gives a beautiful fresh spray, only a drop for two for the whole bottle though as you don't want it to be overwhelming.

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  • Final cut. Snip off the rogue stands that may have popped out during its 'grooming' session. I use Gingher scissors as they cut the perfect edge in one sharp snip. They are incredible, i have tried alllll types of brands but these have my heart.
    If cutting earrings or smaller pieces, some makers use a rotary cutter and tape, some also draw the desired line on paper and follow that. You’ll find what suits you best, here are some great ones to start with. 

  • You can choose to spray with starch or hairspray to help it stay manicured. Then lightly smooth with the back of a comb or your hand! This is best to do when it's not going to be moved again, i would not do this just to a photograph as the sprays can get tacky and you wont want them getting crinkled once you wrap them up to send. Suggest this to your client once it is hung in its forever position in their home.
    I always included a mini pocket comb in with all of my wall hangings, this gave the client the incentive to brush it on arrival. This small cost went a long way, my clients were always very appreciative of this small but thoughtful gift. 
  • No matter the care and procedures you take, your fringe won’t like to sit straight and flat if it it’s too long as the weight in the string starts the re-curling process much faster than if it was short. I wouldn't suggest trying to brush out anything longer than 20cm with great success. 5-15cm is great for a high impact fringe. 
  • These steps can be repeated over and over until your piece is perfect.
    Think that treating cotton is similar to treating our own hair. We brush and re-brush it, when we straighten it, but after a while humidity and movement sneaks in and it will start to return to its natural state. Cotton is similar. It is a natural fibre and holds a memory, and i believe a personality :)

These steps will ensure you give it its best chance for longevity and make it picture perfect for your photos which is a top priority. I suggest sending some these tips to their new owner so they know how to care for their beautiful keepsake.
Hope this helps 💕
The perfect fringe.. does it take work- yeah.
Is it worth it.. absolutely!

I hope this helped. 
Better Together, 
Brydie Mary x

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