Crochet for Beginners

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Crochet for Beginners

Crochet... let's make it modern!

In recent years crochet has grown radially in popularity within the fibre community. It’s easy to pick up and you can create a wide range of items wit ha simple few techniques. It is a great hobby to help you relax after a long day at work, or dare i say or.. to allow you a bit of escape from the uncertainty of todays wild world.

Once you’ve learnt the art of crochet, there will be no stopping you. Mastering just a few stitches will enable you to complete many different projects, from baby blankets to wearable garments. You can use a wide range of materials from cheap acrylic yarn to luxurious merino art yarns that come in a range of thicknesses and colour. Read on to find out all you need to know about this fun (and highly addictive) craft.

Is it easy to learn crochet?
Crochet can be easy to learn, although if you are new to craft, fibre art and sequential learning there may be a heightened learning the curve at the beginning. You might feel like giving up after you’ve crocheted in the wrong hole... again! But the beauty of crochet is that it is easy to undo and try again. Trust me, i know!

After a few hours of practice, you will feel like a pro and be able to create a chain stitch and single crochet with relative ease. Plenty of practice and enthusiasm and help you develop your technique. When you find your rhythm.. keep going! It doesn't really matter what you make in the beginning, don't try and create a crochet jumper when you first sit down (i know the temptation is high!) Gaining confidence in your craft is what matter most. When i first learn i made a lot of lonnnnng things, i just kept going! They became scarves, lap blankets and i even wove them into large scale wallhangings- just keep going. Practice the simple steps until they're perfected.. then move on and explore from here. 

Continue reading to find out what you need to start crocheting and the best beginner crochet projects.


Choosing the right crochet hook
There are lots of different crochet hooks to choose from and lots of information out there. We’ve summarised which are the best ones for beginners to stop you from getting confused.

Beginners usually start with metal or plastic crochet hooks as they are affordable and long-lasting. If you find that your stitches slip off the end of your hook you can also try bamboo crochet hooks, they are a bit more expensive but have a lot more grip.

You need to make sure that you buy a basic crochet hook, which is hooked just at one end. They generally come in sizes E-J. Most beginners usually start with a medium-sized hook (H-8 5mm).
You can also match your crochet hook with the weight of yarn being used by using the yarn label or it may be specified in your pattern.


What type of yarn should i use to crochet?
When learning to crochet it is best to choose a thicker yarn, worsted weight is usually a good mid-weight yarn to start with. This means you will be able to see the stitches more clearly and develop the skill of knowing where to place your hook quicker than if you used thinner yarn. Pair this with lighter colours for the same reason and you will become a crochet pro in no time.

Merino Art Yarn: Wool yarn is great for practicing as it is resilient and easy to unravel and reuse, leaving no trace of any errors. Mary Makers Studio has a range of fibre supplies and offers a beautiful range of hand-spun art yarns in a variety of colours to help get you started on your crocheting journey. 

Macrame String: Cotton yarn is also an excellent choice for a beginner, it is lighter than wool and holds its shape if stitches accidentally slip off your hook, however it is less elastic which may be a problem if your stitches are tight. Mary Makers Studio supplies a gorgeous range of cotton string in an array of natural and muted colours that perfectly complement each other in any crochet project.

Now we know what equipment and yarn we are going to use let's discuss how to crochet.


How to hold a Crochet Hook
There are two basic ways to hold your crochet hook, experiment with both.
Hold your crochet hook like a pencil and use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the hook at the indentation in the middle finger.
Alternatively, hold your hook like a knife and slide your index finger up to have more control. The hook should be slightly turned towards you but not facing up or down.

Basic Crochet Stitches
Below are UK crochet terms

Creating a slip knot:
Every project will start with a slip knot. Create a slip knot by wrapping your yarn twice, around two fingers. Pull the first loop under the second loop and pull off your finger. Insert your hook and pull the yarn snug around your hook.

Chain Stitch: 
Most crochet projects start with the chain stitch, this creates the foundation chain or starting row. You will see the chain stitch abbreviated in patterns to ‘ch’. 

A turning chain stitch helps start each new row neatly. The chain stitch also joins other stitches within a project, such as in granny squares, to create gaps and bridges within the work.

Slip Stitch:
Slip stitches are important to help join different parts of a project, usually when working in the round or when joining completed parts of projects such as granny squares or seams in garments. Slip stitches can also be used to add details and patterns onto the surface of the finished crochet. You will see the slip stitch abbreviated in patterns to ‘sl st’.

Double Crochet Stitch:
Double crochet creates small, short stitches and dense fabric. They are mainly used when creating amigurumi crochet patterns or alongside other stitches to create patterns within your projects. You will see the double crochet stitch abbreviated in patterns to ‘dc’.

Treble Crochet Stitch 
Treble crochet involves wrapping the yarn once around your crochet hook, once inserted into a stitch, and creating two stitches on top of each other. Learning the treble crochet stitch enables you to make the very popular granny square. You will see the treble crochet stitch abbreviated in patterns to ‘tr’.

Best Beginner Projects
An ideal project to start with that helps to develop tension and a feel for holding the yarn and hook is creating headbands. Practice your single crochet by simply making enough chain stitches to fit around your head, join in the round and continue until you get to the desired width. You could even embellish your headband with a flower if you're feeling adventurous.

Classic Granny Squares:
Created in the round, clusters of treble crochet grow with each round to create this timeless classic. Extremely versatile, create one huge granny square as a blanket or multiple smaller squares to sew together to make a more traditional blanket. Granny squares can also be used to make garments.

Round Coasters:
Practice crocheting in the round by creating coasters. Best made out of cotton yarn these make excellent, quick gifts.

Now that you’ve learnt the basics of crochet, you'll be hooked (pun intended!)
Practice the basic stitches and you will be able to create a wide range of amazing crochet products. Pair your new skills with the gorgeous bespoke fibre supplies at Mary Maker Studio and be the envy of all your fibre friends. 


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