Spun Halo Yarn- Bold

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A luxurious hand spun fibre with a luminescent sheen you must see (and feel) to believe. Different to my Original Halo Yarn, this has a delicate spun thread running throughout creating a wave like form, and a bolder, thicker version at that. This magic detail will create a beautiful depth and articulation in your work, a fibre for the innovators. 
Created with 100% New Zealand Merino wool, this bespoke fibre has been hand dyed to perfection, calling to be used in your next fibre creation. 
A higher quality, more luxurious fibre to my original Art Yarn, this hand spun fibre will soon be your favoured, go to yarn.

Petite 50g || 6-9mm thickness || Approximately 20m skeins.. enabling you to get one of each! And with colours like these i don't know how you'll choose!


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