Recycled Luxe Macrame String // Rockpool Blue


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Parisian Blue Recycled Luxe Macrame Cotton String
A colour that embodies the charm and sophistication. This rich, salty blue hue is reminiscent of the deep ocean, offering a versatile and alluring palette for your creative endeavours.

Its cool undertones evoke a sense of tranquillity, making it an ideal choice for spaces where calm and serenity are desired. Whether you're crafting a textile masterpiece or adding a splash of colour to your home decor, Rockpool Blue is a timeless choice that never fails to impress. Its depth and richness can transform any piece into a work of art, capturing the imagination and evoking a sense of wanderlust.

3mm // Approximately 390m 1kg 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 348 reviews
Katie @ Macrame Muma
Wonderful !

This cotton is wonderful, so soft. Colour was exactly as pictured online. A beautiful olive green.

Gorgeous Lavender Skies

This cord is just delicious!! It literally looks like fairy floss 😂 and so easy to work with and makes any piece stand out.

Danielle Van Zuilekom
Soft and luxurious!!

The Snow White recycled luxe cotton string is absolutely divine! It was an absolute pleasure to knot with and creates the most beautiful fringe detail in my pieces!

Thank you for a beautiful product 🤍

Margaret Hall
Luxe Vintage Pink

Gorgeous colour. Exactly what I was looking for to add a different colour to my project.