Recycled Luxe Macrame String // Quartz


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Quartz Recycled Luxe Macrame Cotton String
Introducing the Universal Favourite, a delightful neutral that effortlessly ties your tones together. This colour is a harmonious blend of hues, creating a versatile shade that can complement a variety of palettes. More than just a colour. It's a testament to the beauty of neutrality, a symbol of elegance, and a source of inspiration. It's a colour that invites you to explore, to discover, and to create.

Whether you're looking for a backdrop for bold colours or a standalone shade, the Universal Favourite is a one-of-a-kind treasure that will enhance your creative vision. It's a colour that you won't be able to get enough... Read More

Customer Reviews

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theresa ruffle
5mm cord

Very soft, nice colour, I haven’t actually used it yet but very happy with colour and feel.

Susanne Gane
Cap hangers

This grey is awesome looks great and feels so soft very easy to work with I also bought the rope in copper looks amazing and was easy to tie knots with also

Susanne Gane
Macrame magic

This string is just so soft to work with it’s beautiful to look at easy to tie knots with I just love it I make a cap hanger and sold it as soon as it was finished thank you for supplying such great string

Great - with thanks :)

Beautiful to crochet with - made a table runner - soft and deluxe. :) Hope the pic does it some justice. With thanks.