Recycled Luxe Macrame String // Grape


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 Grape Recycled Luxe Macrame String
A vibrant warm purple tone that breathes life into your fibre art creations. This dynamic hue is a testament to your artistic vision, effortlessly infusing your weaving and macramé projects with a burst of colour. Grape is a versatile addition to your palette, harmonising beautifully with both brights and neutrals. Its warm purple tone adds a touch of sophistication to your creations, making Grape an irresistible choice for your fibre art collection.

3mm // Approximately 390m 1kg 
5mm // Approximately 220m 1kg  

This gentle and versatile recycled fibre is ideal for any fibre art related hobby. Be it weaving, macrame, knitting, or crochet, the flexibility... Read More

Customer Reviews

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I have purchased many different strings from this site, and honestly they are the best to work with. All of the patterns that I have made from this string have turned out amazingly! Whether it be the 3mm or 4mm. Thank-you so much for producing such a high quality product.

Recycled Luxe Macrame String

Love working with this string. The fringe on key chains is very neat and has a great soft premium feel…
Colour pictured Vintage Teal

Michelle Batrouney

High quality, very soft and easy to work with. Great for plant hangers and wall hangings!

Michelle Batrouney

I've used this recycled cord for plant and wall hangers and have enjoyed making both alike. Incredibly soft, easy to brush out, and such a gorgeous light purple colour!