Recycled Luxe Macrame Rope // Rockpool Blue


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Rockpool Blue Recycled Luxe Macrame Rope
Step into elegance with a shade that radiates grace and refinement. This deep, maritime blue mirrors the vastness of the ocean, presenting a captivating canvas for your artistic ventures.

The soothing undertones of Rockpool Blue promise peace and relaxation, perfect for areas craving a serene ambiance. Whether you're designing a textile marvel or elevating your interior aesthetics, Rockpool Blue stands as an evergreen selection. Its profound intensity breathes life into any creation, sparking curiosity and igniting the spirit of exploration.

4mm // Approximately 150m 1kg 

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Customer Reviews

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Cath Mc
Chilli Red 4mm Rope

This is great rope to work with, and the colour was the perfect shade that my customer requested for her order for Christmas coasters 🪢. Thank you again, I’lll definitely be back soon 🌸

vibrant colours

Love the colour.

Patrizia Pruis
Recycled luxe macrame rope

It's so gentle to work with, great texture and love the colour. First time used and will definitely buy ahain

Kristy Loftus
Mustard Recycled Luxe Macrame cotton rope

Love how durable this rope feels. The vibrants of this colour has a grounding feeling with its earthy tone. So far I have used this rope to make some wine bottle totes, the mustard colour really pops against a dark coloured wine bottle which makes them look boujee !!!
I’m just so in love with the mustard 😍