Recycled Luxe Macrame Rope // Ivy

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Im going to say it, my favourite green ever. Only seeing is believing this gorgeous botanical colour

4mm // Approximately 150m 1kg 

The worlds first recycled luxe Macrame string designed by Mary Maker Studio. After seeing an increase from customers wishing to reduce their environmental footprint, Brydie from Mary Maker Studio set out to create a collection of recycled cotton fibres that are not only recycled but hold a luxurious, premium quality. 

'Its not waste until its wasted'
A recycled textile created sustainably from pulp to fibre. Ethically manufactured and rolled on recycled cones ensuring we all walk a little lighter on this earth.

* Colours will vary from each release so to avoid running short please ensure you purchase enough from each release to complete your project. Spools are measured by weight not length
* Photos showing comparison 4mm Rope || 3 & 5 mm String. String available for purchase here.


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