Recycled Denim Ribbon

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-Recycled Denim Ribbon Cakes
So excited to bring you our latest fibre obsession.. DENIM!
The unique texture and tones hidden within these 'lil cakes are sure to ignite your creativity. Made from recycled fabric offcuts, sourced from well known fashion houses globally, this product not only packs a punch, but is a must for the conscious consumer. 
You can choose to fray the edges by removing the side strands, or leave as is for a blunt edge. Each denim cake is unique and will hold a beautiful mix of light, mid and deep denim tones, perfect for your variegated fibre piece.. all in the one purchase!


Each cake is 100g (approximately 15-18m)

Paired perfectly with my range of Artisan Ribbons, i'm excited to see where this fibre pushes your creativity! 

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