7.5mm - Australian Cotton String

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Note: 2kg rolls are no longer supplied so the 1kg price has been dramatically reduced to suit the bulk purchase price. 
Eg: 2x1kg is the same price as 1x2kg. 

1kg / 130m  

2kg / 260m

Macrame / Weaving / Basketry / Crocket / Knitting

Single Strand Cotton String. 
A tad firmer and robust than my Luxe range, but still holding the perfect amount of softness and density to fulfil all your macramé desires. This fibre is great for those pieces that need a bit of malleable structure to them, and perfect for those large scale works which get quite weighty, the prefect addition to your fibre stash. 
This delicate twisted string can be effortlessly loosened to create the softest of shag effects, creating a stunning feature of thickness and depth within your work.

This product is made in Australia from 100% Australian grown cotton, being a natural product it is a great product to dye if your project desires.

The second picture shows 2, 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 9 & 10mm side by side.

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