5mm Minis - Luxe Cotton String (50 Colours)


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Your favourite fibre in a cute little roll

Coloured LUXE Cotton String
Origin Turkey 
Oeko Tex Certified
A5mm // 250g // Approximately 55m

This sweet little roll is completely cone-less, yep!
Usually spun onto a recycled cones, we're reducing out footprint even further with this product designed to pull from the centre and unravel similar to a ball of yarn. This is perfect for the maker who does not need a full 1kg roll, this was designed by Mary Maker Studio for the weavers, earring designers, pot plant enthusiasts, rainbow lovers and.. well for anyone who wants enjoy a pop of colour!

The softest, silkiest and finest of pure cotton, destined to make your work shine. A textile created sustainably from pulp to... Read More

Customer Reviews

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Sharmaine Louise
Natural 4mm rope 🫶🏽

I love using this rope it's my all time favourite I've made wall hangings and plans hangers. An I'm so obsessed

Argelia (Alegría rope jewellery and decor)
20mm coloured rope

This super chunky rope is great for a highlight to any macrame or macraweave piece. I used the cinnamon colour one in one of my macraweave wall hangings and it was perfect for that special touch I was looking for... and it's super soft and nice to work with 😊

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Dusty Rose macrame cotton string

It has a lovely feel to touch and work with, the colour is amazing, goes so well with colours like charcoal, olive green , black and cream. Love the range of colours available. Thankyou to Mary Maker highly recommend her products

Deb Myers
Soft and brillant colours

Made a wall hanging with this cord. (Antique Peach)
Soft to touch and great to work with.