You Were Made For More

During a time when 'all the things' often lead to burnout, self-neglect and a feeling of unfulfillment, Brydie offers a sanctuary for women, who find themselves entwined in the stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt that their world presents. Her coaching is not just a service; it's a heartfelt invitation to embark on a transformative journey towards self-worth, thriving relationships, and a fulfilling, upgraded, magnetic life.

Brydie's approach is not about choosing between your personal well-being, professional success or a nourishing home – it's about harmonising them to ensure that your internal tapestry is as rich, resilient, and vibrant as the life you create externally.  

You Can Have It All.
Brydie believes in the power of breaking through mental barriers, leading with the heart, and empowering oneself to passionately pursue desires, especially for women navigating through the stress and overwhelm of life. Her mission extends beyond the conscious mind, delving into a deeper cause – facilitating a space where women can build, create, and thrive in every aspect of their lives without the overshadowing threat of fear, overwhelm or burnout.

Brydie invites you to embark on a journey towards confidence, success, self-trust, self-worth, and fulfilment; ensuring that every aspect of your life is unshakable. Brydie will empower you, ensuring every phase of your life is infused with purpose, passion, and a resilient mindset.

Why Choose Brydie as Your Coach?
Her clients have said...
"Brydie served as a key driver in my journey of self-discovery. Her profound understanding and guidance have been invaluable to me, embarking on our coaching series has been one of the most profound decisions of my life. Brydie's remarkable knack for posing timely, pertinent questions, coupled with her ability to both challenge and nurture my insights, has left me feeling empowered and self-assured. To express my deep appreciation for her impact on my life would be an understatement"
Sarah, 43 NSW

"I had felt stuck in life for a while before meeting Brydie. I was unsure what Brydie would bring to my life, but the way she spoke resonated with me, so I jumped into coaching, hoping to release the feelings of burden and overwhelm. It wasn't long before I realised that Brydie was literally changing my life - and it has stuck. She enabled me to remove past trauma, release limiting beliefs, and reprogram patterns that were (unknowingly) keeping me stuck. She has made me a better mum, a more loving wife, but most importantly, she has empowered me to create an 'unfuckwithable' cloak that I pull out when courage and confidence are needed. Her unwavering support and guidance have changed my life."
Tameka, 37 NSW

Dive Deep and Discover the Transformation Awaiting You:

  • Unleash Potential by Shattering Barriers
    Dismantle blocks and elevate your mindset to propel towards your true potential with expansive and enlightened perspectives for both business and personal.
  • Empowerment Through Accountability and Liberation
    Blend encouragement with accountability while freeing yourself from current limiting beliefs, ensuring the path to your dreams desires becomes a reality you can fully embody.
  • Cultivate Compassion and Clarity
    Embrace yourself with kindness and navigate towards your goals with crystal clear clarity, aligning your path with your authentic self.
  • Rediscover Vibrancy in Relationships and Passion
    Reignite joy and passion in your life while equipping yourself to foster healthy, fulfilling relationships in every sphere. Learn to forgive, love and deeply honour yourself. 
  • Harmonise Inner Peace with Purposeful Action
    Dive into practices that promote inner tranquility and align your actions with core values, ensuring every step resonates with meaning and balance.
  • Ignite Continuous Growth and Release Past Trauma
    Stoke your motivational fires, embrace a journey of perpetual growth, and release fear and trauma from past experiences, crafting a path that’s authentically and fearlessly yours.

Sounds good right...
Living your best life with courage, confidence, self love and honour!

How To Work With Me:
Personalised Breakthrough Programs

Designed with your empowerment and growth in mind, these transformative programs are your gateway to overcoming the hurdles that have been holding you back, propelling you into a life where your dreams and reality converge.

3 Month Coaching Container - Fortnightly Sessions
We meet fortnightly via zoom for 60 minutes and actively work towards achieving your goals. During these sessions we may focus on areas including altering your mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, negative patterning and positive perspective shifts. This is a focused, intensive journey designed to rapidly help you break through barriers, rediscover your self-worth, and initiate change that resonates in every aspect of your life. Brydie will also provide additional resources including but not limited too; worksheets, accountability actioning and complementary texts if required.

3 Month Coaching Container - Fortnightly Sessions w/ Voxer Support
All of the above plus added Voxer support for in-between session communication to enable faster growth and development.

3 Month Breakthrough Program - Weekly Sessions w/ Voxer Support
All of the above with weekly 60 min calls.
This is for a deep dive and geared towards the woman who is looking for rapid growth, a comprehensive and deeply transformative journey that not only helps you break through barriers but also equips you with the tools and strategies to maintain this newfound freedom and fulfilment in every area of your life.

Your best life isn’t a distant dream; it’s a tangible reality waiting to be unveiled. If you're ready to break through your limitations and lean fully into creating a life that resonates with joy, purpose, and fulfilment, your path begins here.

Connect with Brydie to explore your next steps. 
Your embodied, enriched life is waiting.

Let's Work Together x
Email to arrange your connection call. 

PS: Who is Brydie?
Brydie has woven a unique path from a dedicated 13-year career as a school teacher, to the entrepreneurial spirit that founded and scaled Mary Maker Studio into a globally recognised multi million dollar company. Her journey, marked by creativity, empowerment, and an unwavering passion for connection, has seamlessly transitioned into a realm where business and personal development coalesce, illuminating a path towards self-fulfillment and resilience.
Brydie has scaled businesses into the multi 6,7 & 8 figures whilst raising a young family and travelling the world, if you're looking for a coach with skin in the game... look no further. A certified business & mindset coach, neuro linguistics master, hypnosis practitioner, timeline therapist and somatic breathwork facilitator... she has an incredible toolkit to ensure your evolution.