12, 16 & 20mm - Macrame Rope


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Oh My Goodness, they're BACK!
You've been asking... so here they are! XXL Rope!
Perfect for your large fibre installations, Macrame Rainbows, separated for the ultimate fringe or whatever bold fibre dream you have! 

Choose from 16mm, 20mm or 25mm
* This rope sold in either 1m or 5m lengths

Each end will be covered in taping so the edges stay intact.

This is a 3ply twisted rope so can be sectioned into three parts if you wish
(this is how i create the thick fringe in my weavings- shhh it's a secret :)

Not for the faint hearted, this thickness sure is going to raise your temperature.. and obsession for all things fibre! 

Customer Reviews

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Cath McGraw
4mm Natural Rope

This is my go to rope for lots of projects, my latest being a Macraweave which I also used “sage sun” painted string. I entered it a local show and came in 2nd. I would and do recommend this to other macrame makers.
So thank you for your great products and service.

Terrible would not recommend

This product is terrible quality.. it feels like a cheap imported cord at an overly expensive price for the quality.. I have bought cord for years from Mary Maker and was so disappointed with the quality of this cord... I thought I was buying the Australian cotton but when it arrived it was very obvious the texture feels like it has some sort of dirt over it or waxy grime and is very obvious it isn't a high quality. (Similar to when you buy cheap imported cord from overseas) I emailed the company 4 times about this and got little response and they really didn't seem to care at all.. I feel disappointed as I've supported this company for years and always thought they had beautiful high quality products but recently the quality has become very poor, the product is discoloured and the lack of empathy or care when I reached out about it was very disappointing. I feel it was a waste of money and will no longer be supporting this company. They're no longer the beautiful small business they once were that cares for their products and customers.. They're just trying to make as much money as possible with low quality imported products.. Everything has recently come wrapped in huge amounts of plastics which I cannot support either.. it's 2024, you should be concerned about the environment and your impact on it. I tried to communicate kindly and with an open heart through emails but was given very little respect. I hope someone reads this and doesn't make the same mistake I did, as you won't be offered a refund or any help to rectify as I wasn't. Sad to see a beautiful small business turn into another money hungry, environmentally damaging corporation. Very sad.

Dale Dickins
good old fashioned service lives on

What a treat to have my question answered promptly, the product delivered ahead of schedule, handwrapped with a gift AND a personal note. The experience with Mary Maker Studio is personal yet professional which is a rarity these days.

Thank you to everybody involved in making this site a treasure. Stay awesome :)

Anne berry-smith
Awesome fibre

Right in the middle of a project now and this fibre is awesome. The project requires me to brush like fury and I am getting in a bit of a tangle and just need to go at it slowly. I will share the project when competed