Exquisite Macrame Cotton Rope

The easiest, simplest material for macrame is undoubtedly cotton rope. While cotton cord can be readily found in yarn stores, along with knitting supplies, the most basic varieties will put a limit on the expansive creativity that this art brings with it.

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Mary Maker hopes to resolve any barrier places in the way of creative expression by providing bulk cotton rope of a quality better suited to stretching the boundaries of beautiful artistry.

Infused with the experience and artistic knowledge gained through decades of personal craft, along with arts education, the very fibres of the cotton selected by Brydie are of an exquisite quality. From cotton cord to thicker rope, these supplies are designed and developed with creative compassion, bringing you only the very best options for delightful fibre work of your own.

Sent from one creative to another, the genius within has all it needs to weave it’s way into your next macrame piece with inspired brilliance!

The finest natural cotton cord for macrame is here for you

Materials matter in every creative endeavour – especially macrame. The fine knots and techniques involved stretch as far as the suppleness and quality of the materials that form them at every turn. Having evolved in her own creative work, Mary Maker’s founder knows her way around the finest art, helping you to buy premium cotton and other supplies that help you dabble in the craft.

Having ventured through all kinds of existing yarns on offer throughout Australia and online, the range of cotton cord supplies provided by Mary Maker are tried and true. They last throughout the years, and hold their quality, beauty, and macrame techniques firmly in place; allowing you to create works of superlative craftsmanship and quality.

Many of these options have found themselves forming gorgeous, creative works sold in galleries and art stores across Australia and online. Brydie’s own work has featured in such places, as have her students’ – so nothing’s stopping you from expressing the very fibres of your own being and shining a light on the world with your very own quality macrame creations!

Quality cotton rope at wholesale prices

The artist’s work begins as a creative expression, and often morphs into highly sought after pieces for galleries and individual commissions. While it’s often difficult to put a price on the soul, care, and skill imparted into each piece, the wholesale price of materials is often an excellent starting point.

Mary Maker’s creative mission is to enable fibre artists across Australia and the world to explore their own creative genius in their work, and find their success, whatever form it takes. The wholesale prices of the cotton cord and rope on site enable all kinds of wonderful works to emerge, and bring forth the opportunity to make without limitation and hesitation.

The quality simply can’t be found anywhere else at these prices – and the works you’ll produce are all the more affordable for those that admire and appreciate them. It’s time to get creative.