Recycled Newspaper Ribbon

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Recycled Newspaper Ribbon
I know.. Its here! 
Have you been looking for something to add both texture, depth and an interesting tonal characteristic to your next creation? well.... This. Is. It. 
Made from actual recycled newspapers, turned to beautiful workable paper yarn by a family of Artisans in India, now available to you!
The perfect yarn addition for the conscious consumer. 
You can choose to unwrap the strands to create a flared aesthetic, or leave as it for a streamlined, structural look. This versatile fibre can be used in weaving, basketry, for wrapping rainbows, macrame. you name it!
Each skein is 100g (approximately 40-45m)
Paired perfectly with my range of Artisan Ribbons, i'm excited to see where this fibre pushes your creativity!  

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