Polished Cotton: Thick Twist

THICK: 3.5mm Approximately 110m

A twisted version of the medium variety. They are great to use in unison and work so seamlessly together.

This has a strong bind which enables it to hold a very firm shape and solid structure when working with it, much firmer than the other cotton string available on my page. Use this fibre in your weavings, macrame works, basketry, crochet, so versatile you can even loose knit with it.

This is great fibre to mix with other textiles, to add layers of 'shag' to your work, creating real impact with the gentle, yet string fall of it. You can unravel this to create a beautiful crimp like loo, or leave it bound for a thick shag. Definitely a favourite.

* Image four shows thick twist, fine, medium and thick side by side. 

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