Linen Frizz Ribbon

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Recycled Linen Frizz Ribbon
1cm in width with each 100g skein measuring around 30m in length. 

This fibre has a heightened texture and a longer 'wispy strand' then the cotton frizz you all love so much. In comparison to the Cotton, each strand is longer and thinner.
An incredibly soft and versatile fibre, the perfect addition to any fibre curation. I have been adding this to other fibres when weaving for a while now and the articulation in textiles is incredible when combined. 

This is a fair trade and recycled product, wonderful as it is not only great for the environment but for the bespoke look it will bring to your work. Being a recycled product, no two are the same, it is uninformed and slight variations may exist.

Ive been working with a small, slow hand dyer to create a signature range of tones. Be mindful that with each release colours may slightly differ so if you need specific tones and amounts, please purchase more rather than less.  


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