Hand Painted Macrame String // Smokey Quartz

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Smokey Quartz // The Neutrals // Cloud 9 Cotton
A combination of our favourite neutrals with a warm hint of nudes, the perfect addition to any fibre collection. Use for your woven tapestries, wrapped rainbows or wall hangings. This is sure to innovate and inspire your making. 

Here at Mary Maker Studio we understand that you are looking for ways to stand out in a saturated market. Hand dyed cotton is extremely desirable yet let us be honest.. messy, expensive, time consuming and almost impossible to recreate time and time again. 

So we had a thought.. 
We took our most desirable colours and employed a small community of artisans to beautifully (and painstakingly) hand paint every..single..centimetre.. for you!
Here we created a bespoke collection where are colours matched, consistency is key and magic was made!

4mm | 105-110m | 500g

Photo four shows a comparison of our Hand Painted collection.

* I have included a variety of photos to help you decide what scheme suits your palette. Each roll will include the tones shown above, how they are rolled onto the cone may make some appear lighter, darker, more or less saturated. This is trickery, each rolls consistency is similar, each using the exact same colours throughout. 

Colours will vary from each release so to avoid running short please ensure you purchase enough from each release to complete your project.

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