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The OG is back... and She brought her big Sister!!
A circular loom straight from your dreams. 

One for the Tapestry Weavers and Macrame Makers alike.. 
This is your favourite bamboo hoop with an added handy helper... 
Small little indents, cut-outs to ensure your warp is held effortlessly within your structure, making it not only easy and stress-free to create, but with the confidence that it'll stay put! Perfect for your circular weaves and framed macrame pieces. If you're tired of the traditional weaving loom, this is a great way to explore your favourite craft with new life. 

Quite possibly the strongest material on the planet, bamboo withstands compression better than concrete! This gives it the ability to bend.. ain't it clever! 

Listing is for one Round Bamboo Loom
Options of 29cm OR 45cm in diameter
By popular request. Our... Read More

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Joanne Hinchcliffe
Great board

The board and pins that come with it make it easier to make items like bracelets.

Tara L
Great for wide weavings

Sturdy, well made, easy to assemble, pretty.

Wanda Weyers
Macrame Board Small

Makes it so much easier to create our products now.
Should have ordered sooner

Samantha McAndrew
Makes macrame easier! 😍

I love the macrame pin board!! It’s great to attach your work to, I can sit back and watch my favourite shows while I create! I love the notches in the side, helps to hold strands to the side when not needed or to steady them, making the work tighter if you need. I use mine everyday!