Sari Silk Polkadot Ribbon

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The funnest silk in all the land!!!

Super rare.. once it's gone it's gone.

Recycled Silk Chiffon Ribbon. 
2-3cm in width with each 100g skein measuring around 25m in length. 

You will fall deeply in love with this fibre. A little firmer than my Chiffon, still lovely soft, versatile and will bring the ultimate luxurious feel to your piece. The perfect addition to any fibre curation. 

This is a fair trade and recycled product, wonderful as it is not only great for the environment but for the bespoke look it will bring to your work. Being a recycled product, no two are the same, it is uninformed and slight variations may exist, you are purchasing a one off piece of fibre that may have seams, knots, and the odd dash of combed fibre within, this adds texture, uniqueness and gives each piece a story. 

Perfect to be used within any fibre project be it weaving, knitting, crochet, jewellery, or for luxe gift wrapping, floral arrangements and embellishments. The possibilities are endless, enjoy this fun fibre.. she's a beauty!

Ive been working with a small, slow hand dyer to create a signature range of tones. Be mindful that with each release colours may slightly differ so if you need specific tones and amounts, please purchase more rather then less. 


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