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The beauty of cotton lies in its natural, raw fibres, grown across the centuries with passion and a commitment to true artistry. Like so many other textiles, this material is a fibre with a vast array of classes and categories - of which luxe cotton is at the very top.

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The superior quality of fibre creates a high-end, flawless finish that other cotton alternatives can’t match. The supple, oh-so-soft fibres are immediately distinctive to look, touch and feel.

From home decor to floral artisan designs, this special textile is manufactured with the highest potential for creative work in mind and showcases it through each piece woven, crocheted, knitted, or knotted.

In 2015, Brydie found herself frustrated by the available cotton fibres in the market. Shelves were stocked with products that were not designed for creatives, artisanal practices and were very limited in colour and dimension. After spending hours – often weeks – on a woven piece of work, Brydie wanted it to look its best. This was challenging using the products available. This inspired Brydie to develop her very own range of premium fibres.

Today, Brydie’s signature luxe fibres are known around the world for being the highest quality, with a recognisable feel and flawless finish. With conscientious care steeped in every step of the design and creation process, the finished design is always a unique piece in itself when using Mary Maker’s luxe, bringing your vision to fruition.

The richest, finest cotton fibre imaginable

An expert learns to differentiate the slightest difference in material as they pour their life into working with it. Textile artists are especially attuned to the minutest differences in the texture of raw materials that they purchase and apply their vivid imagination to its potential at first sight.

Those that have come into contact with the delicious opulence of luxe cotton don’t need much encouragement to test its boundaries. Both in it’s most natural, uncoloured form, and dyed variants, these expertly manufactured cotton cords are something that let your soul breathe with unhindered expression. Their immeasurable quality stretches the boundaries on all kinds of work, making your simplest and signature pieces take on a new level in look and feel.

It’s a material that cries out for your human touch and rewards you with results that hold unparalleled energy inside each and every strand.

Shop Luxe Colour Cotton to bring brilliantly vivid designs to the world

Designed to bring a bold, vibrant range of luxe colour to the world, Mary Maker’s diverse selection pays homage to artistic expression and design. Made from the highest quality fibres and for the ultimate creative experience, each product is the pinnacle of Mary Maker’s unrivalled touch, look and feel.

The entire collection is available online with delivery available throughout Australia. Find your pick from the bunch now to kickstart your creative journey.