3mm Minis - Luxe Cotton String (50 Colours)

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Your favourite fibre in a cute little roll

Coloured LUXE Cotton String
Origin Turkey 
Oeko Tex Certified
3mm // 250g // Approximately 72m

This sweet little roll is completely cone-less, yep!
Usually spun onto a recycled cones, we're reducing out footprint even further with this product designed to pull from the centre and unravel similar to a ball of yarn. This is perfect for the maker who does not need a full 1kg roll, this was designed by Mary Maker Studio for the weavers, earring designers, pot plant enthusiasts, rainbow lovers and.. well for anyone who wants enjoy a pop of colour!

The softest, silkiest and finest of pure cotton, destined to make your work shine. A textile created sustainably from pulp to fibre
*Spools are measured by weight not length. 

When ordering in bulk please enjoy the following savings
Purchase 5+ and receive 5% off - Enter code MINI5 at checkout
Purchase 10+ and receive 10% off - Enter code MINI10 at checkout
Purchase 15+ and receive 15% off - Enter code MINI15 at checkout
Purchase 20+ and  receive 20% off - Enter code MINI20 at checkout

This bulk discount is available to be used across the 3mm & 5mm range.

For example, you can purchase a few from both mm and still enjoy the bulk savings.




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