Merino Sabai Yarn - 17 Colours

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Introducing my newest signature range of fibre, created by me for you!
A beautiful mix of my (and your) favourite fibres, a little art yarn, a little roving and a little felted rope.. together we have Merino Sabai Yarn translating to 'everything' in Nepali, and 'happy' globally!

A deliciously soft and squishy fibre with an array of incredible, versatile benefits.
On first glance our signature Sabai Yarn stays together more than usual roving, however can be pulled apart if you wish to split it. It is x5 the thickness of regular art yarn, and easier to manipulate. It can be felted, woven, you can use it for large scale macrame.. anything!
This is a hand carded, hand dyed and slightly felted product, slight variations in thickness and colour may be present from bundle to bundle due to the handmade nature of its creation. Sold in 50g bundles, approximately 5m of fibre (upto 10m if split) Perfect for that little pop of colour.. enabling you to try them all!

This is a fair trade luxurious product and nothing like it on the market, skilfully crafted by a team of artisans in Nepal using 100% New Zealand Merino wool.

If you're after the perfect pair for this fibre try my Art Yarn, they work flawlessly together.  



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