Diamond Frames

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Macrame Makers!!! Finally something created just for you!! As a knotter myself i now how hard it is to find speciality Macrame products so i've created them for you!

Get ready to fall in love.. Diamonds are forever! This shape is not only classic and strong, it is extremely easy to use within your designs due to the geometric shapes our knots create! There are so many ways these can be used.. let your creativity run free!

Available in 9 sizes, perfect for a huge 50cm statement piece, right down to a small decorative beauty. This product is extremely versatile and easy to work with.. ready to make your work shine!! Where will your imagination take you

Designed by Mary Maker Studio and crafted out of the highest quality 5mm FSC certified Bamboo that has been manufactured into a bespoke ply for us meaning maximum beauty and durability!!  

Each Frame Kit contains three unique sizes which have been carefully designed to work flawlessly together for either a series or of course, independently. I know once you get going on this shape you will not be able to stop! As they say, Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Frame Kits Include below sizes:
Measuring from top to bottom point of diamond

Large Kit:  50cm // 36cm // 21.5cm

Medium Kit: 45cm // 31cm // 17cm

Small Kit: 40.5cm // 26.5cm // 12.5cm

**Looms and Frames must be shipped independently of other fibre supplies in store (but of course can be shipped together) If you are purchasing additional supplies it must be completed through an additional order. 

Frame Kit


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